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"Ultralearning" by Scott H. Young

Ultralearning is available for purchase on Amazon

'Ultralearning' by Scott H. Young provides an excellent source of guidance on personal development, especially in the areas of continuous skill development and adaptation to new scenarios.

Learning new skills can be overwhelming as you weigh up a multitude of influencing factors such as the costs involved, the time that must be invested and the difficulty prioritising which skill/s should be developed first. This book provides insights that can refine your approach to skill development to ensure a more organised approach for executing a successful personal development plan.

When it comes to personal development, constantly learning new skills is essential, however, what is equally important is generating a plan that will keep us consistently on the right path.

For anyone attempting to learn new skills, this book will develop your awareness of factors that influence your rate of progress to keep you realistic in your approach.

Ultralearning is available for purchase on Amazon

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